liveitwell™: Wellness program combining nutrition and fitness to improve overall health and promote weight loss

Liveitwell is a six-week wellness program that combines nutrition and fitness to promote weight loss, increased energy, a balanced mood, and an improved quality of life. Get healthy and feel better naturally - without using diet pills, aids, or fads - by eating foods that nourish your body throughout the day. Tone your body and increase your stamina with liveitwell's exercise methods

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You might have successfully lost weight on diets, but be honest: after you went off the diet, did the weight come back and then some? Did you feel run down while dieting? Did you starve your body to lose weight? Do you know what the long-term health effects of yo-yo dieting are? If you’ve answered yes to even one of these questions, you are not alone. You’ve already discovered the bitter truth: diets don’t work.

Is it possible to find a way to eat for life—and achieve the toned, healthy body that you desire—in a way that means you’ll never have to “diet” again?

The short answer is yes.

With liveitwell™ you can.

liveitwell™ begins:

Liveitwell™ evolved through founder Sue Jordan’s years of extensive research and real-life experiences with her clients. A registered nurse, personal trainer, wellness specialist, and nutrition consultant, she has seen firsthand what happens to a body when it is not properly maintained. Her clients come to her with various health challenges: headaches, PMS, fatigue, pain, high-blood pressure, high triglycerides, and high cholesterol. Her first question to them is always “What are you eating?” Through her experiences, Sue has found a direct correlation between what we eat and how we look and feel.

In order to help her clients succeed, she was inspired to create a workable nutrition and fitness program for them. This is the liveitwell™ program—transforming bodies and transforming lives.

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My goal was to lose a pound a week, but I always lost at least three! In six weeks I lost 25 pounds and dropped 9% of my body fat… Liveitwell™ has changed my life! Read more…

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I highly recommend the liveitwell™ program. I have lost nearly 30 pounds and 10% of my body fat. I feel great and look great. I have so much fun shopping for clothes now! Read more…

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After applying all that Sue Jordan has taught me through the liveitwell™ program, I no longer have PMS symptoms and afternoon headaches. I don't have to take medication any more, and I did not have to have my gall bladder removed! Just by changing what I feed my body, liveitwell™ has set me free. Read more…

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